The court did not found reasons to cancel the sentence for copyright infringement with regard to a civil action on indemnification (Ukraine)

Гражданин Украины был осужден (по ч.2 ст. 176 УК Украины на 2 года лишения свободы с конфискацией системного блока с освобождением от наказания с испытательным сроком на 1 год) за то, что он с целью получения прибыли от реализации копий операционной системы MS Windows XP Professional sp 2/Ru сделал 101 копию компьютерной программы MS Windows XP Professional sp 2/Ru с личного компьютера на компакт-диски без лицензионного соглашения с корпорацией Майкрософт (США), которой принадлежит авторское...[more]

Entrepreneur sentenced to a fine and seizure of medium with unlicensed soft

Sentence of Nikolaevsky district court of Lviv oblast in a copyright infringement case is of interest mainly because it was brought with regard to an entrepreneur who had applied unlicensed copies of Microsoft programs on 11 computers in his computer club. The entrepreneur was sentenced to a fine to be paid to the government in amount of UAH 3400. It is strangely enough that the court ruled to apply seizure and termination of 11 hard drives (computer cases) as mediums in addition to the fine....[more]

Illegal accepting orders for copyright objects took place via website (Ukraine)

On December 16, 2008, Obolon district court of the city of Kiev passed a sentence with regard to a copyright infringer (article 176 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The infringer took orders for recording movies, databases, and other works on CDs and DVDs through the website which was developed intentionally with this purpose. CDs and DVDs were sold to customers. The infringer was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment with release from serving punishment with probation period of 1 year. The...[more]

Supreme Court confirmed legality of a sentence following copyright infringement by a salesman at an open air market (Ukraine)

On 20/12/2006 a Kiev’s inhabitant was pled guilty and sentenced for copyright infringement (Article 176 of the Criminal Code) while selling copies of audiovisual works, phonograms, videograms, and computer programs at an open air market near the underground station in Kiev. Penalty – 2 years of imprisonment with release from serving punishment with probation period of 1 year. In addition, the convicted was sentenced to indemnify in favor of civil claimants which were rights holders. The...[more]

WIPO Director General Addresses the Future of Copyright

By: World Intellectual Property Organization For details please see the web site of WIPO[more]