Microsoft succeeded in its attempt to get compensation for copyright infringement in Sumy oblast, Ukraine

Glukhovsky local court released from criminal liability a man residing in the city of Glukhov of Symy oblast. The defendant was proved to be guilty in violation of copyright of Microsoft. The rightholder’s  representative in the court claimed that as damages from copyright infringement had not been reimbursed by the offender and in view of other violations of criminal legislation made by the court and the prosecutor the case should have been remanded to the trial courtf or the new...[more]

Woman from Donetsk oblast sentenced for her attempt to commit a copyright infringement

According to the judgement of Chervonogvardeisky district court of the city of Makeevka of Donetsk oblast as of 14 April 2011 (judge: Rassuzhdai V.Y., case №1-98/2011) a woman residing in this city was sentenced to two years in prison for her attempt to commit a copyright infringement (this was a suspended sentence). Convicted had purchased around 800 DVD with copyrighted works in open-air market Mayak (Donetsk) with purpose of their sale. Nonetheless, the court had concluded that only one...[more]

Court sentence regarding private entrepreneur who violated copyright on the Internet was affirmed by Appellate Court (Ukraine)

On 26 April 2011 the Appellate court of the city of Sevastopol affirmed the verdict of a first instance court in respect to a private entrepreneur convicted for copyright piracy on the Internet. The defendant was found guilty since from autumn 2009 till 15 February 2010 the entrepreneur rendered services, with the purpose of getting profits, on providing access to Internet in local computer network «HollNet» and infringed property rights of Twentieth Centery Fox Film Corporation, Warner Bros....[more]

Top five countries with greatest extent of copyright piracy have been identified in the USA

As it follows from the news released by the International Intellectual Property Alliance on 26/05/2011, China, Canada, Spain, Russia, and Ukraine should be considered as states to which essential efforts must be taken to fight copyright piracy.  For details, please click hear[more]

Sentence of the Leninskyi rayon court of the city of Lughansk in case №1-789/10 of 10 November 2010 (Ukraine)

On 10 November 2010 a man residing in Lughansk oblast was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment with a trial period of 1 year. The reason for the judgement was illegal reproduction and distribution of movies and software over his own web sites. Text of the court sentence of 10 November 2010[more]