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Our mission is to protect copyright of those who lawfully own such rights. We search for copyright infringements and/or procure appropriate evidences both on our own initiative and based on request of any person concerned.

What kind of copyrightable objects we can deal with to fulfill our mission you can find out by clicking to «Services».

If you are interested in searching for copyright infringements and/or protection of your copyrights, we invite you to cooperate.

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To fulfill our mission we provide relevant informational and legal services. Regardless of whether copyright infringement happens on the Internet or in the real tangible world, we ensure protection of your interests, in particular in respect to  the following copyrightable objects:

- literary works,

- dramatic works,

- musical compositions,

- works of drawing, painting,

- Advertisement,

- Cartoons,

- Films,

- Television films.

- video,

- Designs,

- Charts,

- Databases,

- Drawings,

- Sketches,

- Photography,

- Software,

- Lectures,

- Interviews,

- Speaches


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Criminal Copyright Infringement— 17 U.S.C. § 506 and 18 U.S.C. § 2319 (continuation)

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